Work Plan

The overall workplan is focused on dissemination and commercial exploitation of the R&D results, through a combination of the internal industrial and market oriented partners and the involvement of associated external industrial partners.
EDEN project’s five work-packages are divided as follows: two are horizontal activities - project management (WP6), and dissemination and exploitation (WP5).  The aim of these WPs is to ensure continuous collaboration between partners in order to match the R&D tasks with a feasible exploitation plan.  The main technical tasks follow a vertical organization with two parallel work packages - on material development (WP1) and storage tank development (WP2) - followed by an integration activity dedicated to the development and realization of the full system protptype (WP3). Finally, a specific demonstration activity will be coordinated under the EDen demonstration work package (WP4).

WP1 | EDEN Storage Material Development
- Definition of the Magnesium based materials for hydrogen storage
- Definition of the more efficient consolidation methods
- Study of the effect of catalyser added by PVD on powder particles
- Realization of the material for prototype testing

WP2 | EDEN Storage Tank
Definition of the storage tank system
- Development and realization of the storage tank
- Characterization of performances for design validation

WP3 | EDEN System Integration
Definition of the system parameters
- Development and realization of the overall system including efficient heat recovery systems
- Evaluating system effectiveness of dealing with hydrogen impurities
- Characterization and performance evaluation of the system prototype

WP4 | EDEN Demonstration
- Demonstration of EDEN system advantages (sustainability, efficiency, scalability) in real working conditions
- Provide the consortium with standardised measurement results for off-grid and smart grid applications
- Demonstrate EDEN system performances in real world application to address feasible Market Deployment Plan

WP5 | EDEN Dissemination and Exploitation
- Design and implement a project communication and dissemination plan
- Manage effectively Intellecual Property (background/foreground) and Exploitation
- Dissemination instrument management (website, brochure, technical leaflet, etc.) 

WP6 | Management activities
- Project coordination (R&D work, related activities and interaction between work packages)
- Project Management
- Acting as the primary contact within FCH-JU and future project partners or involved organization