Project results

During the whole duration of the project - in collaboration with the Technology Transfer Board (TTB) settled up during the project -  EDEN consortium have been focused on all the three main topics of the project: material development and optimization, system components improvement (hydrogen storage tank, energy recovery system, FC compatibility, etc.) and system integration to build a first complete Power to Power (P2P) system for demonstration in real environment.

Finally, EDEN consortium achieve improved performances on material development and address with success most of the expected outcomes as outlined in the project proposal:

Development of H2 storage material in form of Mg-based metal hydrides nano-composites, with high H2 uptake capacity, improved of catalyst layers. Mg-based powder produced by High Energy Ball Milling, with 7.1 wt.% H2/MH storage capacity and desorption rate > 1 gH2/min/kg at 320 °C and 1.2 bar.

Development of a high reliable storage tank for the specific proposed material. Intermediate and full storage tanks realized, integrated by thermal and hydrogen management system capable to release more than 1 l/min.

Integration of additional sub-components for the improvement of the efficiency profile (i.e. heat recovery system through thermal fluid and/or by thermos-electric device). New consolidated method for hydrogen storage management suitable for enhancing thermal and mechanical properties of Mg-based powder and fully exploit the storage properties of the developed tank.

Integration with a SOFC to realize and test a full-scale POWER TO POWER system (HT electrolyzer / fuel cell and solid state integrated storage) for stationary, portable and stand-alone applications. System integration layout comprised of all auxiliaries to properly manage hydrogen and thermal power between the hydrogen tank and the SOFC.

Market Deployment Plan for high volume industrial production for distributed applications. Preliminary business cases investigated.

In the following table are summarized the main results achieved in the EDEN project towards the objectives declared at the beginning of the project.