Project Consortium

The EDen consortium is composed by seven European partners coming from four different Member States of the European Union joint together to combine the different skills necessary to achieve the overall project objectives.
EDen will assess different potential solutions for the realization of a new integrated energy storage solution, providing evidence of the concept for direct application at the distributed level - mainly for domestic applications - looking at the technical, economical and industrial points of view.
Between the consortium and the market, a Technology Transfer Board (TTB) composed by industrial external partners interested in the developed technology, will operate to contribute to accelerate the possible market deployment of the final integrated storage solution.


Fondazione Bruno Kessler, FBK (Italy)
MBN Nanomaterialia S.p.A. (Italy)
Cidete Ingenieros SL (Spain)
MATRES s.c.r.l. (Italy)
PANCO GmbH (Germany)
Universidad de La Laguna, ULL (Spain)
Joint Research Centre of European Commission JRC, Institute for Energy (Belgium)