Follow up

MBN, as material producer, is exploiting commercial opportunities related to Mg-based storage material developed inside the EDEN project, in form of powder and/or pellets, for different hydrogen storage systems. Particularly, after some improvements and optimizations of the “ED011 Nanostructured Magnesium” developed during the project, commercialization of the storage material will address mainly the European markets of solid state H2 storage systems.

In addition to the short-time market availability of the storage material, EDEN exploitable foreground could support industrial partners interested in market deployment of hydrogen storage technologies, as a standalone product or incorporated/integrated as part of existing or completely new products (like the P2P system developed inside the project). In the EDEN Market Deployment Plan (MDP), a market analysis has been done and four preliminary business cases for real deployment of EDEN P2P system already outlined.

EDEN partners could support possible interested companies or investors in exploring new commercialization pathways of the hydrogen storage technology, confident that EDEN project has assessed not only the technological development, but also the aspects related to the regulatory frameworks and standards. The Intellectual Property Agreement already outlined by the project Consortium could accelerate the time for agreement in order to reduce the time to market.

We are also conscious that some additional R&D activities are necessary to increase the opportunity of the market deployment of the developed technology:

  • Improve performances of the already available ED011 storage material [ON-GOING];
  • Scaling-up the industrial material production process (hundreds of tons/year) - in form of powder and/or pellets;
  • Improve tank efficiency (control process, insulation and energy recovery) and tank weight reduction [ON-GOING];
  • Industrialization and miniaturization of Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and safety systems;
  • Partnership with a system integrator company with expertise and network to properly address future market deployment;
  • Influence policy makers for common national/international standards and regulations on solid state hydrogen storage to facilitate the diffusion of hydrogen storage technologies and applications in Europe and all around the world;

We estimate that on-going activities will be finalized in two years.

If you are an energy agency, a local government, a venture capital, a company or a business angel investor which trust in renewable energy storage technologies as a suitable solution to achieve H2020 programme objectives and confident to have specific knowledge and resources to bring EDEN technology at the next level and support us along demo activities based on EDEN P2P system, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details!