Expected outcomes

The EDEN project contributes to advance the development and realization of “Novel H2 storage materials for stationary and portable applications”. In particular, activities carried on looks forward to achieve five main result:

1)  Development of novel improved H2 storage material in form of Mg-based metal hydrides nano-composites, with high H2 uptake capacity (>6% weight) and improved by catalyst layers

2)  Development of a high reliable storage tank for the specific proposed material

3)  Integration of additional sub-systems for the efficiency profile improvement (i.e. heat recovery system through thermal fluid and/or by thermo electric device)

4)  Integration with a SOFC in order to realize and test a complete integrated system for stationary applications with overall energy management procedures (both electrical and thermal) in order to meet the targeted overall efficiency in the range 45–50%

5)  Market Deployment Plan for high volume industrial distribution, in particular in order to mitigate the discomfort of intermittent energy sources by enabling temporary off–grid solutions

Three additional areas of impact will be the beneficiary of the obtained results:

  • the creation of a new and very large market for electrical and thermal energy storages, down to the size of the individual household;
  • the application of  innovative  Mg-Based metal hydrides for off-grid solutions and portable devices (regenerative cycle), contributing to technology advancement;
  • penetration of solid state technology in stationary applications in line with the European Commission strategic plan for safe delivery of energy in cities and high populated areas.