PANCO - Physikalische Technik Anlagenentwicklung & Consulting GmbH

PANCO GmbH, Physics Technology - Development and Consulting is a small company specialised on the development and marketing of facilities in physics technology. PANCO is focussing on the development of complex measurement devices for physical properties as well as control units and facilities for research and industry using physical effects. The Potential Seebeck Microprobe which is distributed by LOT Quantum Design was developed by PANCO in cooperation with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR). The TEGeta is another successful instrument developed by PANCO, as well as many customised applications. PANCO is specialised in thermal engineering and refrigeration applications adapted to individual customer preferences. Development, adaption of heat exchangers and thermal management is part of the work also in the field of hydrogen storage. PANCO was founded begin of 2004 as a start-up from the European project „NanoThermEl“. The company has a close collaboration with international partners and works for international customers – europeanwide and oversea.

EDEN Project | Main roles

PANCO has a leading role in the storage tank design and development, characterization and testing (WP2) and is also responsible for integration and up scaling of the developed storage system with a SOFC and integration of the TE devices for heat recovery solutions (WP3). During the demonstration phase (WP4) has a main role to support the overall system installation at the demo site in collaboration with CIDETE.