Matres s.c.r.l.

MATRES s.c.r.l.

Matres s.c.r.l. is a research SME focused on the development of scientific and technological research activities in the materials field. Activities and efforts are addressed to perform progress on knowledge as it regards the innovation of materials and products for industry, through the development of new manufacture processes -and their relative plants- and the study of new work technologies. Matres has access to physical, chemical and mechanical investigation of materials, and in particular, Structural and morphological analysis, Determination of chemical composition, Investigation of thermal properties, Determination of interstitial elements, Hydrogen absorption/desorption measurements, Hardness measurements and mechanical tests, Evaluation of particle size, specific area and pores distribution, Polymers rheology. Matres staff has experience regarding the national and international research and development of nano-structured metallic based light alloys (titanium, aluminium, magnesium); high conductivity systems; Magnesium for hydrogen storage; Matres acquired a deep background as regard methodologies for the structural characterization of materials and consolidation technologies. The experince has been acquired by working in several EC and italian projects in different field of material development.ù

EDEN Project | Main roles

Matres s.c.r.l.  is in charge of the characterization of the material for hydrogen storage as regards its structure (XRD), morphology (SEM, EDS, BET) and hydrogen storage performance through a volumetric Sievert apparatus (sample of 0,5-50g) or a Mass Flow based apparatus (sample of 100-1000g). Has a leading role for material selection and SOA (WP1) and in material characterization and validation (WP1).