Bruno Kessler Foundation

Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) - Apllied Research on Energy System (ARES)

The Bruno Kessler Foundation is a private non-profit research centre working for the public interest. Established by the government of the Autonomous Province of Trento, FBK conducts research in the areas of Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Nuclear Physics, Mathematics, Italian-German Historical Studies, Religious Studies, and Effectiveness of public policies. By means of an extensive network of alliances and partnerships, FBK also deals with international relationships, European institutions, behavioural economics, conflicts resolution and communications. One of the largest  research area of interest is the Center for Materials and Microsystems, in which FBK has a full range of skills, technologies and laboratories. FBK is one of the partners of the EIT ICT Labs, is member of the research grouping N.ERGHY and one of the five strategic partners of eseia (European Sustainable Energy and Innovation Alliance).

EDEN project | Main roles

FBK is the Project Coordinator (WP6), following all the project management and will lead the dissemination and exploitation activities (WP5). From the technical point of view, his main contributions through ARES Research Unit are devoted to the design of the specific storage tank for Mg-based metal hydrides (WP2) and and into the system laboratory testing for demonstration activity (WP4), while with the FMPS Research Unit will contribute to the selection and fabrication of catalyst materials (WP1), surface treatments in cold plasmas (WP1), chemical and physical material characterization (WP1) and process chemistry characterization (WP1).

ARES (Applied Research on Energy Systems), formerly REET, is a research unit focused on providing integrated and sustainable energy solutions for distributed level applications. ARES is involved on sustainable systems on the full R&D life-cycle, from basic scientific research through applied research and engineering. ARES investigate energy storages for distributed applications at high energy density and by this way it is the proposer of EDen project. ARES is running several funded projects on Sustainable Systems and Renewable Energies, focused on m-CHP technologies and energy storages for small scale applications.

FMPS (Functional Materials and Photonic Systems), formerly PAM-SE, is a research unit focused on both technology trends in materials and systems on emerging applications. Its main activities are focused on development of plasma processes for thin films growth, synthesis and study of innovative functional materials, exploration and growth of new, environment friendly and cheap materials for energy related applications, engineering and functionalization of surfaces and nanostructures for biomedical and energy applications, innovative devices in silicon-based photonics for applications in photovoltaic, in science of life and for data communication.