Solid state hydrogen storage in magnesium based materials has been extensively studied and reported in literature in terms of material properties as far as tank engineering. The route to achieve the targets required for an efficient and convenient energy storage system is already traced as the bottleneck and the obstacles are individuated.
EDEN project will bring together the experience of the partners and the result emerged in years of EU projects to realize an efficient storage system optimising a well known material and integrating the most promising techniques for the tank engineering. 


The adopted system integration approach aims at the realization of an overall production - storage - generation sytem, composed by an innovative material, an advanced storage tank and new design combined with Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology.
New solutions are envisaged to properly and efficiently develope an integrated solution able to match intermittent and variable energy sources with energy demand.


Each single sub-system developed during EDEN activity progress will be validated in working performances and durability. Several levels will be considered to realize the final proposed technology: modelling, laboratory testing, small and full scale prototypation, safety regulation and certification.


EDEN technology is part of a scenario where distributed energy systems and cogeneration will have a major role in the next energy society. The increasing market penetration of intermittent and variable energy sources will create a mismatch with demand of energy by end users. EDEN technology aims at solve this problems at small energy smart grid and off-grid solution, becoming an answer to such problems and further more.